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Well, first off, here I am finally thinking about writing something.  I´m new to writing – I think the last time I wrote anything (apart from diaries) was over 20 years ago whilst at school.  You know, those essays we were all asked to write for homework for our English Language class.  I remember I was in the A-group for English Literature and B-group for Language.  I´ve been considering writing something on here for ages but wasn´t sure (or I was frightened) of how it might go but you don´t know unless you try, right?  So after a lot of rambling, I hope this will give me a new platform for any thoughts I may have.

I have many interests, mainly travel, animals and photography.  I´d like to write about my travel experiences, albeit past adventures.  I kept diaries whilst travelling and plan to copy these onto here from time to time 1) as a way of jogging my own memory as to what I did when and where, and 2) so I can keep a record of it all “in the cloud” (the paper diaries won´t last forever…unfortunately).  I´ll add photos and anything else along the way too.  Would this be something that people will be interested in?  Hope so… we´ll see. 


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