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Well, first off, here I am finally thinking about writing something.  I´m new to writing – I think the last time I wrote anything (apart from diaries) was over 20 years ago whilst at school.  You know, those essays we were all asked to write for homework for our English Language class.  I remember I was in the A-group for English Literature and B-group for Language.  I´ve been considering writing something on here for ages but wasn´t sure (or I was frightened) of how it might go but you don´t know unless you try, right?  So after a lot of rambling, I hope this will give me a new platform for any thoughts I may have.

I have many interests, mainly travel, animals and photography.  I´d like to write about my travel experiences, albeit past adventures.  I kept diaries whilst travelling and plan to copy these onto here from time to time 1) as a way of jogging my own memory as to what I did when and where, and 2) so I can keep a record of it all “in the cloud” (the paper diaries won´t last forever…unfortunately).  I´ll add photos and anything else along the way too.  Would this be something that people will be interested in?  Hope so… we´ll see. 


Views of the Mediterranean SeaWould you like to live the DREAM and own some wonderful land in the foothills of Mount Etna with views of the Mediterranean Sea?  Maybe you’ve thought of building your own house surrounded by orange, lemon and olive groves with space for a huge swimming pool (maybe)…. Well, now you can…in Beautiful Sicily!  Have a look at the photographs and start planning… this is a private sale from my boyfriend’s family in Sicily.

Or maybe you´ve thought about Spain.  Both my parents and I are selling our places in the Region of Murcia.  I have a Studio Flat in the picturesque town of Totana and my parents have a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom villa surrounded by a lovely garden with fruit trees and BBQ area on the outskirts of Mazarrón.  Both properties need no redecoration and can be lived in very comfortably from the start.  Included furniture can be negotiated.  Again, both properties are private sales.

If you would like to request more information on any of these 3 properties, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Live the Dream!!

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